Biotechnology Solutions, Eco-Friendly Practices, AgTech Innovations Fatemeh, in her role as an Academic Mentor at IDEATO business incubator, brings a wealth of expertise to guide and support aspiring entrepreneurs. Holding a master’s degree in an undisclosed field, her academic background is complemented by practical experience in the startup industry. With a focus on mentorship, Fatemeh […]

AI Strategy Development, AI Integration, Predictive Analytics Mehrdad’s research focuses on the intersection of ergonomics and AI, with particular attention to work-related risk factors in the development of MSDs and workplace safety. He is also exploring the potential applications of machine learning in the public health sector. As an active member of both the Human […]

Business Modeling, Market Analysis, Sales and Revenue Optimization, Networking and Industry Connections As an Academic Mentor at IDEATO business incubator, Aida draws upon a rich and diverse background to guide and mentor aspiring entrepreneurs. Holding a bachelor’s degree and a Master of Business Psychology from the University of Porto, Aida seamlessly integrates psychological insights with […]

Medical Device Development, Digital Health and Telemedicine Mohammad was the former Co-founder of Builtrix. He has a PhD in from MIT Portugal in Sustainable Energy Systems. He has over 10 years of experience in energy and resource optimization solutions in the industry. He was granted more than 19 national patents in the energy-saving and optimization […]