Our Programs

Our Programs

IDEATO will be a hub of innovation and support for aspiring entrepreneurs. Our goal is to provide a conducive environment that empowers entrepreneurs to unleash their full potential and turn their visionary ideas into successful ventures. Our four dynamic programs cater to entrepreneurs at different stages of their journey, each offering a carefully curated set of services to meet specific needs.

This program is designed to be inclusive and accessible to a wide range of entrepreneurs. It is ideal for individuals or teams who are at various stages of their entrepreneurial journey, from early-stage idea conception to established businesses looking to expand their horizons. The Virtual Program caters to those who may prefer a flexible, online-centric approach to entrepreneurship. Whether they are just starting with an idea or already have a product in the market, participants can benefit from the program’s online tools, mentoring, workshops, and expert consultations. This program aims to support entrepreneurs of all backgrounds and industries, providing them with the necessary resources to thrive.

The Pre-incubation Program targets individuals who have a compelling business idea but may not have fully developed their product or service yet. This program is ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of refining their business plans and need a supportive environment to nurture their ideas. Participants in this program will have access to physical workspace, as well as the services offered in the Virtual Program, such as mentorship, workshops, and expert consultations. The Pre-incubation Program is designed to guide entrepreneurs through the critical initial steps of transforming their ideas into viable businesses.

The Incubation Program is tailored for entrepreneurs who have developed their ideas and are focused on either creating their product or fine-tuning their business plans. This program targets individuals who are ready to bring their offerings to the market and require additional support to make a successful launch. The Incubation Program offers a fully-equipped physical workspace, along with a suite of services from the Virtual and Pre-incubation Programs. Additionally, participants in this program benefit from more personalized mentoring, one-on-one meetings with experts, and access to specialized services like funding assistance, marketing support, and legal guidance. This program typically serves entrepreneurs at a relatively early stage, within the first 3-4 years of their venture.

The Acceleration Program is designed for startups that have already developed a product or service and are now focused on rapid growth and attracting investors or funds. This program is suitable for entrepreneurs who have achieved a certain level of traction in the market and are looking to scale their businesses quickly. The Acceleration Program offers a more intensive and selective experience, with participants having the option of virtual or physical workspace. The program provides specialized training on management skills, networking, and growth strategies. Moreover, entrepreneurs in this program can access legal support and explore financing options, including equity or debt funding. The Acceleration Program targets businesses that are ready to accelerate their growth and scale within a timeframe of up to 6 months.

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