We are supporting more than 12 startups in Portugal and bringing more international teams to bring their HQ to Portugal. Here are the most innovative startups coming to IDEATO:


Optishower was born in the University and grows fast to be recognized as a successful startup realizing innovative ideas. Our main concern is to deal with real challenges of our world including energy and water problem. Using emerging technologies simultaneously such as cyber-physical system, IoT (Internet of things), artificial intelligence and data analysis among social perspective, help us quickly find our position in the market and we are proud to be well accepted by professional clients. We enjoy contribution of professionals from different disciplines, learning from our clients and believe in our solution. Optishower is an integrated solution that helps hotels achieve operational excellence, decrease water and electricity consumption, and ensure the highest levels of guest satisfaction. Optishower makes use of non-invasive sensors for energy (electricity & gas) and water metering integrated with a proprietary hardware and software solution that engages end-users and promotes reduction in consumption through behaviour transformation.


SoundSafe is an innovative solution to reduce wastes and increase post-harvesting life of fresh agricultural products. 1.3 billion tons of foods (One third of ALL), gets lost or wasted. The challenge is to preserve for a longer period of time, Without significant changes in its physical characteristics, taste, flavor, texture and also with optimized energy consumption. SoundSafe Apply controlled and customized Microwave radiation to extend the shelf-life of fresh fruits and vegetables. This Technology preserves not only the morphological characteristics of food, but also its nutritive compounds.


Only 3% of the world's water is freshwater, and two-thirds of that is hidden in frozen glaciers or unavailable for us to use. As a result, about 1.1 billion people worldwide do not have access to water and a total of 2.7 billion people find water scarce for at least one month of the year. A lack of clean water limits access to safe drinking water and essential sanitation at home, at school, and in health care facilities. The microalgae used in Biowater can remove carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus from water and aid disinfection due to the increase in pH during photosynthesis. Oxygen produced by microalgae can support the biological treatment of wastewater by providing oxygen to the heterotrophic bacteria. Biowater offers an innovative system of water purification with three main components; first, a purification unit using microalgae to remove contaminants; second, a monitoring platform using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for optimization of algae growth and also real-time control of water treatment status; third, an online platform to monitor real-time data and water health and safety.


The major challenge in the medical simulation market is the justification of cost for the customers, especially in less developed countries. One of the main factors for the enormous price of eye surgery simulators is their high-end computational hardware. By utilization of innovative software technologies, such as centralized computation on remote servers and synchronization of graphical view with background computations, EYESIM is able to effectively reduce the final solution. In this innovative method, any standard PC with a decent connection to the internet, combined with the optional complementary tools (input and output tools) can be capable to provide the simulation. The customers have a variety of innovative and unique options for experiencing the simulation based on their expenditure on complementary devices which are provided to them. For entry-level, simulation with no complementary device is appropriate for in-class educational use.


Smartphone users do repetitive tasks in fixed postures for a long time and it may increase the likelihood of musculoskeletal problems. The resultant pain and discomfort following the use of smartphones not only does occur in neck, but also in other areas such as shoulders, elbows, arms and extremities. The objective of this Product is to commercialize an application to aware people using smartphones and other smart monitors like tablets, laptops, and PCs.


The Life Beat concept links directly to specific health measurement (about a given device or group of devices), collection, and data processing. The result will allow a better understanding of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and treatment follow-up. It allows to address existing conditions that are not diagnosed or treated early, promote health and well-being, prevent disease or potential life-threatening events. Globally, Life Beat will provide a general improvement on people of any age’s health and well-being through long-term monitoring. A great advantage is that Life Beat, as time passes, will increase the amount of data available for any conditions and disease and will have resources to establish a further correlation between data or group of data and disease. The main goal of Life Beat is to predict and prevent health crises such as heart attack, cancer, infectious disease and improve life quality by improving life habits and styles .


More than 17 million people die each year from cardiovascular disease, even in countries like the United States, implementing comprehensive plans to control risk factors and prevent cardiovascular disease. Predicting the direct costs of cardiovascular disease will reach €640 billion in 2030 from €320 billion in 2011. Mobile health monitoring devices for patients show a high potential to help such patients cope with health care costs without visiting a doctor. Pluck technology has potential benefits for both the patient and the physician. Physicians can do their priority by saving time spent advising patients with chronic diseases. Also, patients can stay at home without needing a long-distance doctor's visit, especially if they live in a place farther away from the doctor's office. Ultimately, it is possible to predict and thus prevent severe complications of diseases. So, it is possible to provide health services in all places with access to mobile communication systems.


Behave project pursues an inclusive gaming experience integrating real life with the virtual world through the usage of Cyber Physical Systems towards improving child behaviour, tackling their parent’s habits as well, in what concerns water and energy consumption. Behave will follow an inclusive approach, taking a special attention to Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders towards making their specific needs also take part of this research initiative towards improving their social inclusion. Additionally, Behave will address distinct habits and beliefs, looking for findings in a multicultural perspective.


Gravitix is a scientific, creative and full-service advertising company. In over 20 years, they have worked with more than 200 Global brands and base on the experience gained through these years we’ve realized that with an effective shift in approach and with a scientific view to our business, “Advertisement”, there’s a greater chance of creating scientific, creative and effective advertisement.


The project aims at developing a new health care solution/diagnosis system using image processing and AI for the associated risk and diagnosis toolkits of breast cancer. Technology reduces up to 90% of the workload of medical doctors. The technology comprises several components, namely: risk assessment toolkit that estimates the chance that a woman with given age and risk factors will develop breast cancer; profile synthesis interface that will allow to automatically identify the type, volume, and maturity stage of the tissues and factors related to developing breast cancer; diagnosis toolkit, a user interface, which will allow a doctor to operate and control the system and prognosis toolkit that it will receive input from the other components as well as from doctors to provide intelligence about the possible future scenario(s) of developing cancer and based on the treatments. By being integrated with the risk assessment toolkit, profile synthesis interface, and diagnosis toolkit will allow customizing the treatment, empowering the medical curing team with a powerful tool to take the best course of action with the minimum costs in terms of health care and economy for patients.


Website monitoring is the process of testing and verifying that end-users can interact with a website or web application as expected. Website monitoring is often used by businesses to ensure website uptime, performance, and functionality is as expected. Monitoring gathers extensive data on website performance, such as load times, server response times, page element performance that is often analyzed and used to further optimize website performance. DrWeb provides ALL essentials information and report from your host as well as: monitoring, real-time views, interactive charts and reports.


Through this project, farmers will be linked with a fair market for their products directly via an AI-enabled platform. It can bring about a transparent marketplace that would be reliable for both parties. It is expected that using this platform may well result in less waste in agricultural products and even, hopefully, may motivate farmers to develop their work and products. Such a movement is likely to considerably improve the ecosystem in terms of bringing vast job opportunities for local people, resolving food supply problems, providing better access to wholesome food at a lower price, and enhancing the life quality for the underprivileged strata of the society, to name but a few. This paradigm shift can eventually end up in the agricultural sector’s becoming sustainable.